A thank you note
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A thank you note

This week marks the end of my 40-year career as an elected official in the City and County of Los Angeles. Twenty years ago this month, I was... [Read more]

Health Learning lessons in healthcare

Learning lessons in healthcare

For years, teachers at Sun Valley Middle School used a 1.8-acre dirt expanse on campus to teach students the finer points of horticulture. But... 

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Arts & Culture Framing the future of L.A. art

Framing the future of L.A. art

It’s been dubbed L.A.’s living room, and the coming transformation of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art promises that, artistically speaking,... 

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Environment Progress is in the bag at the beach

Progress is in the bag at the beach

A wedding gown, a polar bear suit, even a fake human skull — volunteers have turned up all sorts of discarded items on Coastal Cleanup Day... 

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Public Safety D.A. sees new day for mentally ill

D.A. sees new day for mentally ill

When Jackie Lacey won election as district attorney in 2012, no one expected the county’s chief prosecutor to become a crusader for taking... 

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Democracy gets a facelift

Democracy gets a facelift

Envisioning a future that would make the founding fathers proud, Los Angeles County is investing $13.6 million to revolutionize its voting system and possibly set the standard for the rest of the country,... [Read more]

Around the Third District

With more than 2 million constituents, the Third District is the most economically, ethnically and geographically diverse of Los Angeles County's five electoral districts. It spans eastward from the Pacific, across the Santa Monica Mountains and into Los Angeles' Westside, San Fernando Valley and parts of Hollywood. Zev has represented the district since 1994.

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